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Part I: Rumors of War

CHAPTER 1: An Interrupted Conversation
CHAPTER 2: Dutch Cabin
CHAPTER 3: Keep Your Friends Close
CHAPTER 4: Serpent in Eden
CHAPTER 5: The Shadows Which Fire Throws
CHAPTER 6: Ambush
CHAPTER 7: James Fraser, Indian Agent

Part II: A Gathering of Shadows

CHAPTER 8: Victim of a Massacre
CHAPTER 9: The Threshold of War
CHAPTER 10: Duty Calls
CHAPTER 11: Bloodwork
CHAPTER 12: Further Mysteries of Science
CHAPTER 13: Safe Hands
CHAPTER 14: People of the Snowbird
CHAPTER 15: Stakit To Droon

Part III: To Every Thing There Is a Season

CHAPTER 16: Le Mot Juste
CHAPTER 17: The Limits of Power
CHAPTER 18: Vroom
CHAPTER 19: Making Hay
CHAPTER 20: Dangerous Gifts
CHAPTER 21: We Have Ignition
CHAPTER 22: Ensorcellment
CHAPTER 23: Anesthesia
CHAPTER 24: Touch Me Not
CHAPTER 25: Ashes to Ashes

Part IV: Abduction

CHAPTER 26: An Eye to the Future
CHAPTER 27: The Malting Floor
CHAPTER 28: Curses
CHAPTER 29: Perfectly Fine
CHAPTER 30: The Captive
CHAPTER 31: And So To Bed
CHAPTER 32: Hanging’s Too Good
CHAPTER 33: In Which Mrs. Bug Takes a Hand
CHAPTER 34: The Exhibits in the Case

Part V: Great Unexpectations

CHAPTER 35: Laminaria
CHAPTER 36: Winter Wolves
CHAPTER 37: Le Maître Des Champignons
CHAPTER 38: A De’il in the Milk
CHAPTER 39: I Am the Resurrection

Part VI: On the Mountain

CHAPTER 40: Bird-Spring
CHAPTER 41: The Gun-Smith
CHAPTER 42: Dress Rehearsal
CHAPTER 43: Displaced Persons
CHAPTER 44: Scotchee
CHAPTER 45: A Taint In The Blood
CHAPTER 46: In Which Things Gang Agley
CHAPTER 47: Bees and Switches
CHAPTER 48: Woodears
CHAPTER 49: The Venom of the North Wind
CHAPTER 50: Sharp Edges
CHAPTER 51: The Calling

Part VII: Rolling Downhill

CHAPTER 53: Principles
CHAPTER 54: Flora MacDonald’s Barbecue
CHAPTER 55: Wendigo
CHAPTER 56: Tar and Feathers
CHAPTER 57: The Minister's Return

Part VIII: The Call

CHAPTER 58: Love One Another
CHAPTER 59: Froggy Goes A-Courting
CHAPTER 60: The Pale Horseman Rides
CHAPTER 61: A Noisome Pestilence
CHAPTER 62: Amoeba
CHAPTER 63: Moment of Decision
CHAPTER 64: I Am the Resurrection, Part 2
CHAPTER 65: Moment of Declaration
CHAPTER 66: The Dark Rises
CHAPTER 67: The Last Laugh

Part IX: The Bones of Time

CHAPTER 68: Savages
CHAPTER 69: A Stampede of Beavers
CHAPTER 70: Emily
CHAPTER 71: Black Pudding
CHAPTER 72: Betrayals
CHAPTER 73: Double-Dealing
CHAPTER 74: So Romantic
CHAPTER 75: Lice

Part X: Where's Perry Mason When You Need Him?

CHAPTER 76: Dangerous Correspondence
CHAPTER 77: The Eighteenth of April
CHAPTER 78: The Universal Brotherhood of Man
CHAPTER 79: Alarms
CHAPTER 80: The World Turned Upside Down
CHAPTER 81: Benefit of the Doubt
CHAPTER 82: Not The End Of The World
CHAPTER 83: Declarations
CHAPTER 84: Among the Lettuces
CHAPTER 85: The Stolen Bride
CHAPTER 86: Priorities
CHAPTER 87: Justice Is Mine, Sayeth The Lord
CHAPTER 88: In The Wake of Scandal
CHAPTER 89: A Moonlicht Flicht
CHAPTER 90: Forty-Six Beans to the Good
CHAPTER 91: A Reasonably Neat Scheme
CHAPTER 92: Amanuensis
CHAPTER 93: In Which I Impersonate a Lady
CHAPTER 94: Absquatulation
CHAPTER 95: The Cruizer
CHAPTER 96: Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot
CHAPTER 97: For The Sake of One Who Is

Part XI: In the Day of Vengeance

CHAPTER 98: To Keep a Ghost at Bay
CHAPTER 99: Old Master
CHAPTER 100: A Trip to the Seaside
CHAPTER 101: Nightwatch
CHAPTER 102: Anemone
CHAPTER 103: Put to the Question
CHAPTER 104: Sleeping With a Shark
CHAPTER 105: The Prodigal
CHAPTER 106: Rendezvous
CHAPTER 107: The Dark of the Moon
CHAPTER 108: Damn Tall
CHAPTER 109: All The News That’s Fit to Print
CHAPTER 110: The Smell of Light
CHAPTER 111: January Twenty-First
CHAPTER 112: Oathbreaker
CHAPTER 113: The Ghosts of Culloden

Part XII: Time Will Not Be Ours Forever

CHAPTER 114: Amanda
CHAPTER 115: Nosepicker
CHAPTER 116: The Ninth Earl of Ellesmere
CHAPTER 117: Surely Justice and Mercy Shall Follow Me
CHAPTER 118: Regret
CHAPTER 119: Loth to Depart
CHAPTER 120: If Only For Myself
CHAPTER 121: Across the Abyss
CHAPTER 122: The Guardian
CHAPTER 123: Return of the Native
CHAPTER 124: Property of the King
Epilogue I: Lallybroch
Epilogue II: The Devil Is In the Details

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