A list of minor characters in "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows". These include characters that were only mentioned, or played some marginal role in the narrative.

(m) = mentioned only

‡ = based on someone Diana Gabaldon knows

† = based on real historical figure

  • Gregory – the mechanic who fixes Jerry MacKenzie's Spitfire
  • Hadrian (m) – the 14th emperor of Rome who built Hadrian's Wall
  • Andrzej Kolodziewicz (m) – a Polish airman and friend of Jerry MacKenzie. They served in the same squadron but Andrzej was shot down a month before Jerry was recruited for his top secret mission. Jerry learned to speak a bit of Polish from Andrzej
  • Maisie (m) – a friend of Marjorie MacKenzie's who uses fake tan with a pencil seam drawn up the back of her legs to simulate stockings
  • Sailor Malan – Group Captain of Jerry MacKenzie's Spitfire group. Jerry recites Malan's Ten Rules for Air Fighting to himself to focus his mind while flying.
  • Mrs. Munns – the woman who lives in the flat next door to Jerry and Marjorie MacKenzie
  • Rafe – One of the men who rescued a young Roger from the tube station where both his parents died during an air raid.
  • Paul Rakoczy – One of the four pilots recruited by Frank Randall for the top secret mission to Poland. He trains with Jerry MacKenzie in Northumberland.
  • Mrs. WakefieldMarjorie MacKenzie's mother. When Jerry MacKenzie is killed, Marjorie's mother looks after Roger during the day while Marjorie works.
  • Mr. Wardlaw – The man who keeps the corner shop by Jerry and Marjorie MacKenzie's flat in London.

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