Amaranthus Cowden is a woman who claims to be the widow of Benjamin Grey and the mother of his son, Trevor Wattiswade Grey.

Personal HistoryEdit

Amaranthus's father is a naturalist and bookseller.[3] Her unusual name was chosen due to her grandfather's occupation as a botanist.[2]

Events of the NovelsEdit

Written in My Own Heart's BloodEdit

In September 1778, Lord John Grey and his niece Dottie search for Amaranthus and her son Trevor in Savannah, having heard rumors that Amaranthus is the widow of Benjamin Grey, Dottie's brother.

In January 1779, Claire Fraser learns where Amaranthus lives and sends a note to Lord John's stepson, William Ransom, who has joined the search for the woman. Eventually, Lord John and his brother Hal Grey find Amaranthus and Trevor, and she tells them that she wants to go with them.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Described as a "slightly young woman of middle height, excellent complexion, large brown eyes, and abundant hair of a dark-blond hue."[4]


  • Amaranthus is the Latin name of amaranth, a genus of annual or short-lived perennial plants, commonly known as pigweed.
  • Cowden is derived from various place names meaning either "coal valley", "coal hill", or "cow pasture" in Old English. [5]



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