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Part I: A Troubling of the Waters

CHAPTER 1: Sometimes They're Really Dead
CHAPTER 2: And Sometimes They Aren't
CHAPTER 3: Life for Life
CHAPTER 4: Not Yet Awhile
CHAPTER 5: Morality for Time-Travelers

Part II: Blood, Sweat, and Pickles

CHAPTER 6: Long Island
CHAPTER 7: An Uncertain Future
CHAPTER 8: Spring Thaw
CHAPTER 9: A Knife That Knows My Hand
CHAPTER 10: Fireship
CHAPTER 11: Transverse Lie
CHAPTER 12: Enough
CHAPTER 13: Unrest
CHAPTER 14: Delicate Matters
CHAPTER 15: The Black Chamber
CHAPTER 16: Unarmed Conflict
CHAPTER 17: Wee Demons
CHAPTER 18: Pulling Teeth
CHAPTER 19: Ae Fond Kiss
CHAPTER 20: I Regret…
CHAPTER 21: The Minister’s Cat
CHAPTER 22: Flutterby

Part III: Privateer

CHAPTER 23: Correspondence from the Front
CHAPTER 24: Joyeux Nöel
CHAPTER 25: The Bosom of the Deep
CHAPTER 26: Stag At Bay
CHAPTER 27: Tunnel Tigers
CHAPTER 28: Hilltops
CHAPTER 29: Conversation with a Headmaster
CHAPTER 30: Ships That Pass in the Night
CHAPTER 31: A Guided Tour Through the Chambers of the Heart

Part IV: Conjunction

CHAPTER 32: A Flurry of Suspicion
CHAPTER 33: The Plot Thickens
CHAPTER 34: Psalms, 30
CHAPTER 35: Ticonderoga
CHAPTER 36: The Great Dismal
CHAPTER 37: Purgatory
CHAPTER 38: Plain Speech
CHAPTER 39: A Matter of Conscience
CHAPTER 40: The Blessing of Bride and of Michael
CHAPTER 41: Shelter from the Storm

Part V: To the Precipice

CHAPTER 42: Crossroad
CHAPTER 43: Countdown
CHAPTER 44: Friends
CHAPTER 45: Three Arrows
CHAPTER 46: Ley Lines
CHAPTER 47: High Places
CHAPTER 48: Henry
CHAPTER 49: Reservations
CHAPTER 50: Exodus
CHAPTER 51: The British Are Coming
CHAPTER 52: Conflagration
CHAPTER 53: Mount Independence
CHAPTER 54: Return of the Native
CHAPTER 55: Retreat
CHAPTER 56: While Still Alive
CHAPTER 57: The Deserter Game
CHAPTER 58: Independence Day
CHAPTER 59: Battle of Bennington
CHAPTER 60: Deserter Game, Round II
CHAPTER 61: No Better Companion Than the Rifle
CHAPTER 62: One Just Man
CHAPTER 63: Separated Forever From My Friends and Kin
CHAPTER 64: A Gentleman Caller
CHAPTER 65: Hat Trick
CHAPTER 66: Deathbed
CHAPTER 67: Greasier Than Grease
CHAPTER 68: Despoiler
CHAPTER 69: Terms of Surrender
CHAPTER 70: Sanctuary

Part VI: Coming Home

CHAPTER 71: A State of Conflict
CHAPTER 72: The Feast of All Saints
CHAPTER 73: One Ewe Lamb Returns to the Fold
CHAPTER 74: Twenty–Twenty
CHAPTER 75: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
CHAPTER 76: By the Wind Grieved
CHAPTER 77: Memorarae
CHAPTER 78: Old Debts
CHAPTER 79: The Cave
CHAPTER 80: Oenomancy
CHAPTER 81: Purgatory II
CHAPTER 82: Dispositions
CHAPTER 83: Counting Sheep
CHAPTER 84: The Right of It

Part VII: Reap the Whirlwind

CHAPTER 85: Son of a Witch
CHAPTER 86: Valley Forge
CHAPTER 87: Severance and Reunion
CHAPTER 88: Rather Messy
CHAPTER 89: Ink-Stained Wretch
CHAPTER 90: Armed With Diamonds and With Steel
CHAPTER 91: Footsteps
CHAPTER 92: Independence Day, II
CHAPTER 93: A Series of Short, Sharp Shocks
CHAPTER 94: The Paths of Death
CHAPTER 95: Numbness
CHAPTER 96: Firefly
CHAPTER 97: Nexus
CHAPTER 98: Mischianza
CHAPTER 99: A Butterfly in a Butcher’s Yard
CHAPTER 100: Lady in Waiting
CHAPTER 101: Redivivus
CHAPTER 102: Bred in the Bone
CHAPTER 103: The Hour of the Wolf