Archibald Campbell was a soldier who chose to become a clergyman, knowing that he could not marry because of his responsibility to care for his deranged sister Margaret Campbell.

Personal HistoryEdit

Archibald fought for the English army in a Campbell regiment in 1745. After the Battle of Culloden, Archibald is returning to Edinburgh with his regiment when he chances upon his sister Margret who is traveling with a family of tinkers. When Archibald learns what has happened to Margaret he becomes deeply embittered against both the Highland Scots and the English army. Archibald takes Margaret home where they learn that their father has died from influenza. Their mother dies not long afterwards and Margaret goes to live with Archibald. Archibald realized he will never be able to marry as no wife will want to live with a sister-in-law who has fits of staring and screaming. He turns to God and becomes a minister and employs a woman, Tilly Lawson, to look after Margaret while he travels to preach.

Events from the NovelsEdit


In 1766, The Reverend is offered a position in the West Indies, Barbados and Jamaica, by the Society of Presbyterian Missionaries. He decides to take up the position and to take his sister Margaret with him. He employs Nellie Cowden to travel with them and look after Margaret and they move to Edinburgh to prepare for the journey. While there, the Reverend goes to Haugh's apothecary to seek a cure for Margaret's mental state. He meets Claire Fraser and on noticing that she knows a lot about the medical uses of herbs, ask Claire if she will come and see his sister, which Claire agreed. Claire goes shopping for medical supplies with Mr. Willoughby in Paris. They run into the Reverend Campbell who eyes Mr Willoughby with distaste. The Reverend Campbell explains that he is still traveling to the West Indies with his sister, but had some some urgent business to attend to in France first.

In 1767, while in Jamaica the Reverend comes across Claire at Rose Hall manor, and confronts her about Jamie's role in his sister's ordeal during the Rising. He also tells Claire about a prophecy made by the Brahan Seer regarding the Frasers of Lovat. Mr. Willoughby makes a sudden appearance, and accuses Campbell of murdering Mina Alcott at the governor's reception, as well as the other women of Edinburgh killed by "The Fiend". Mr. Willoughby kills the reverend, and admits he was the one that betrayed Jamie to Sir Percival Turner.


He was dour and stiff in manner among polite society, though the revelation of his identity as the Edinburgh Fiend indicates deeply suppressed violent impulses.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tall and narrow-shouldered,[1] with small gray eyes.[2]


  • Archibald is derived from the Germanic elements ercan "genuine" and bald "bold".[3]
  • Campbell is a Scottish surname meaning "crooked mouth" from Gaelic cam "crooked" and béul "mouth".[4]


TV SeriesEdit

Main article: Outlander (TV series)


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