Balriggan is a small estate located near the village of Broch Mordha. It consists of a large gray stone cottage situated on a hill near a small loch, with about ten acres of surrounding land.


Simon MacKimmie lived at Balriggan until he was imprisoned by the Crown and died around 1755. His widow, Laoghaire, and two young daughters continued to live there, having had legal assistance from Ned Gowan to keep the estate from the Crown's grasp.

Around 1765, Laoghaire married Jamie Fraser, who lived there for about a year before removing to Edinburgh, alone. After finagling a legal arrangement with Jamie regarding the dissolution of their marriage and his financial responsibility toward her and her daughters, Laoghaire continued to live at Balriggan with her younger daughter and various servants.


  • Balriggan (Irish: Baile Uiginn) is the name of a townland in County Louth, Ireland.


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