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Jamie squatted by Betty but was relieved to see her already struggling to rise, using the most unladylike language he’d heard since Claire had left him.

Betty Mitchell is a house maid at Helwater for the Dunsany family and Tobias Quinn's one-time sister-in-law.

Personal HistoryEdit

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Lord John SeriesEdit

The Scottish PrisonerEdit

Betty, as a favor to her former brother-in-law Tobias Quinn gives a message to Jamie Fraser that he wants to meet him. She on occasion was flirtatious with Jamie, though Jamie figures out it was just to make George Roberts, the butler, jealous.

Upon Jamie's return to Helwater he let Lord John Grey believe he intended to marry Betty. Which baffled Grey and made him jealous though he wanted to wish Jamie happiness. Jamie informs of her of Tobais's suicide leaving her to cry in the arms of George Roberts. Jamie gives her a dowry to start her on her new life. When her Lady Isobel Dunsany runs off for an ill-planned Gretna Green wedding to Mr. Wilberforce, her father's solicitor, Betty tries to go after her knowing that Mr. Wilberforce already has a wife. Jamie finds Betty after being thrown from her horse. She convinces Jamie to go rescue Isobel from this fate.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Betty is a fine-looking young woman, though is distinctly common.[1]


  • Betty a diminutive of Elizabeth, [2] from Ελισαβετ (Elisabet), the Greek form of the Hebrew name אֱלִישֶׁבַע (Elisheva) meaning "my God is an oath" or perhaps "my God is abundance".[3]
  • Mitchell is derived from the given name Michael, [4] from the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning "who is like God?".[5]



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