The Bruja is the pirate ship that kidnapped Ian Fraser Murray from the coast of Scotland.


It is a three-masted wide beamed blue ship with a broad black band painted all around it, with twelve gun-ports set in the band, and with a scowling figurehead at the front.[1]

Events of the NovelsEdit


In November 1766, while sailing along the coast of Scotland the Bruja captures Young Ian and the treasures he was bringing back for his family from the silkies' isle. With Jared Fraser's help Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser discover the ship is called the Bruja and its home port is Bridgetown in Barbados.

The Bruja makes port in Kingston Harbor. Young Ian is handed over along with the treasure to Mrs. Abernathy.

A group of rebellious slaves of the Yallahs River swarm aboard the ship Bruja, taking it for their escape. Succeeding in reaching the open sea, they are spotted and pursued by the Porpoise, on watch for any such attempt.

Unskilled in navigation and seamanship, the slaves manage to reach Hispaniola, but – panicked by the Porpoise pursuing them – they run the Bruja aground. The man-of-war fires its guns on the wreck and its fugitives; fleeing slaves disappear into the jungle, while others are blown to bloody fragments on the sand.

The melee takes place some distance from the Frasers' rendezvous, but they cannot escape unseen. Their only hope is to run for it, and with luck the Porpoise will be delayed sufficiently by its engagement. However, with the Bruja destroyed, the man-of-war seeks other prey.


  • Bruja is the Spanish word for "witch".



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