Captain DeVane was the first husband of Benedicta Stanley and the father of Paul DeVane and Edgar DeVane. Captain DeVane died after five years of marriage.

Personal HistoryEdit

Little is known of Captain DeVane's history, including his given name. He married Benedicta when she was fifteen. He died five years into their marriage, leaving Benedicta a twenty-year-old widow with two young sons.

Events of the NovelsEdit

Lord John and the Private MatterEdit

Lord John Grey contemplates how heartbroken his cousin Olivia Pearsall will be if her wedding to Joseph Trevelyan is called off, and he speaks with his mother Benedicta Grey. Benedicta explains that Olivia is still young, and for her it is more about the wedding than the marriage. When John asks his mother about her first wedding to Captain DeVane, all she says is that she "had a wonderful dress".[2]


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Like his sons Paul DeVane and Edgar DeVane, the captain was tall, handsome, and dashing, with an aristocratically prominent nose and hooded gray eyes.


  • DeVane is an Irish name originally written in a Gaelic form as O Daimhin, derived from the word damh, which refers to "an ox" or "a stag".[3]



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