Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied? I hunger, John. And you thirst. You won’t fail me.

Charles Carruthers was a captain of the 35th Regiment of Foot, under Major Gerald Siverly. He was an old friend – and former lover – of Lord John Grey; they served in Scotland together during the Jacobite Rising of 1745.

Personal HistoryEdit

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Lord John SeriesEdit

"The Custom of the Army"Edit

Carruthers requests Lord John Grey as a character witness when he's brought up on mutiny charges in Canada. Before his death, Carruthers formally accuses Gerald Siverly of embezzlement and treason, and asks Grey to find justice.

The Scottish PrisonerEdit

Based on the information that Carruthers provides to Lord John Grey in documents written before his death, Grey and his brother Harold Grey deem it important to bring Gerald Siverly to justice. Hal ends up forcefully recruiting Jamie Fraser after one piece of Carruthers' evidence contains a poem in Gaelic.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Carruthers had been born with an interesting deformity – he had small, extra hand growing out of one palm, which was functional in movement.


  • Charles is from the Germanic name Karl, which was derived from a Germanic word meaning "man". However, an alternative theory states that it is derived from the common Germanic element hari meaning "army, warrior".[1]
  • Carruthers is a habitational name from a place near Ecclefechan in Dumfries, locally pronounced kridders.[2]


Lord John GreyEdit

Carruthers and Lord John Grey were both young officers in different regiments. They fought together in Scotland. In the years following Hector's death, when Grey was trying to numb the pain with sex, they had a few brief encounters.

In spring of 1759, Grey receives a letter requesting his presence as Carruthers's character witness at a court-martial in Canada, due to Carruthers being charged with failure to suppress a mutiny. Grey arrives in Canada and finds Carruthers in ill health—he dies before the date for court-martial is set, and Grey burns his body and scatters his ashes.



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