Cranesmuir is a fictional village located in the Scottish highlands. It is the closest village to Castle Leoch. It was the home of Geillis Duncan where she lived with her husband Arthur Duncan. In the Outlander Series, Cranesmuir serves as the location for several important events and plotlines.


Cranesmuir probably developed as the nearby castle did, housing the parish church and various local authorities.

Locations within CranesmuirEdit

The Fiscal's HouseEdit

Geillis and her husband live in a half-timbered manor house with leaded windows. In Cross Stitch it is 3 stories high, whereas in Outlander it is 4 stories high.

The Thieves HoleEdit

The thieves' hole, which was usually the most wretched part of a prison cell,[1] has a small opening and earthen walls, with a foul, penetrating stench throughout.


  • Arthur Duncan, the procurator fiscal
  • Geillis Duncan, the fiscal's wife
  • Father Bain, village priest
  • John MacRae – the village locksman[2] in Cranesmuir; equivalent to a combination of constable, customs officer and executioner.




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