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Part I: O Brave New World

CHAPTER 1: A Hanging in Eden
CHAPTER 2: In Which We Meet a Ghost

Part II: Past Imperfect

CHAPTER 3: The Minister's Cat
CHAPTER 4: A Blast From the Past
CHAPTER 5: Two Hundred Years From Yesterday

Part III: Pirates

CHAPTER 6: I Encounter a Hernia
CHAPTER 7: Great Prospects Fraught with Peril
CHAPTER 8: Man of Worth
CHAPTER 9: Two-Thirds of a Ghost

Part IV: River Run

CHAPTER 10: Jocasta
CHAPTER 11: The Law of Bloodshed
CHAPTER 12: The Return of John Quincy Myers
CHAPTER 13: An Examination of Conscience

Part V: Strawberry Fields Forever

CHAPTER 14: Flee from Wrath to Come
CHAPTER 15: Noble Savages
CHAPTER 16: The First Law of Thermodynamics

Part VI: Je T'Aime

CHAPTER 17: Home for the Holidays
CHAPTER 18: Unseemly Lust

Part VII: On the Mountain

CHAPTER 19: Hearth Blessing
CHAPTER 20: The White Raven
CHAPTER 21: Night on a Snowy Mountain
CHAPTER 22: Spark of an Ancient Flame
CHAPTER 23: The Skull Beneath the Skin
CHAPTER 24: Letter-Writing: The Great Art O'Love
CHAPTER 25: Enter a Serpent
CHAPTER 26: Plague and Pestilence
CHAPTER 27: Trout Fishing in America
CHAPTER 28: Heated Conversation
CHAPTER 29: Charnel Houses

Part VIII: Beaucoup

CHAPTER 30: Into Thin Air
CHAPTER 31: Return to Inverness
CHAPTER 32: Grimoire
CHAPTER 33: Midsummer's Eve
CHAPTER 34: Lallybroch
CHAPTER 35: Bon Voyage
CHAPTER 36: You Can't Go Home Again
CHAPTER 37: Gloriana
CHAPTER 38: For Those in Peril on the Sea
CHAPTER 39: A Gambling Man

Part IX: Passionément

CHAPTER 40: Virgin Sacrifice
CHAPTER 41: Journeys End

Part X: Impaired Relations

CHAPTER 42: Moonlight
CHAPTER 43: Whisky in the Jar
CHAPTER 44: Three-Cornered Conversation
CHAPTER 45: Fifty-fifty
CHAPTER 46: Comes a Stranger
CHAPTER 47: A Father's Song
CHAPTER 48: Away in a Manger
CHAPTER 49: Choices
CHAPTER 50: In Which All Is Revealed

Part XI: Pas du Tout

CHAPTER 51: Betrayal
CHAPTER 52: Desertion
CHAPTER 53: Blame
CHAPTER 54: Captivity I
CHAPTER 55: Captivity II
CHAPTER 56: Confessions of the Flesh
CHAPTER 57: A Shattered Smile
CHAPTER 58: Lord John Returns
CHAPTER 59: Blackmail
CHAPTER 60: Trial by Fire
CHAPTER 61: The Office of a Priest
CHAPTER 62: Three-Thirds of a Ghost

Part XII: Je T'Aime

CHAPTER 63: Forgiveness
CHAPTER 64: Bottom of the Ninth
CHAPTER 65: Return to Fraser's Ridge
CHAPTER 66: Child of My Blood
CHAPTER 67: Toss of a Coin
CHAPTER 68: Domestic Bliss
CHAPTER 69: Jeremiah
CHAPTER 70: The Gathering
CHAPTER 71: Circle's Close

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