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The Outlander Series includes many words and phrases in Scottish Gaelic and Scots.

Gaelic (Gàidhlig)Edit

Sassenach [Sass-un-nak]: outlander, or foreigner; more specifically an English person; usage generally derogatory.

A leannan [a le-anan]: sweet-heart (vocative), with the implication of "baby" -- addressed to a daughter or other young person.

Ciamar a tha thu [Kia-mar a haa u]: greeting; "How are you?"

Mo chridhe [mo cree or mo kri-e]: my heart (used as a term of affection)

Mo nighean donn [mo nee-an down]: my brown one; my brown-haired lass.

Mo charaid [mo kharaid]: my friend.

Tha mi gle mhath [Ha Mi glay vah]: "I am well."


Bairn/Wean: baby/child

Besom [BIZ-zum]: a woman, generally ill-tempered.

Braw: literally, "brave," but also implies "fine, splendid, or excellent."

Clot-heid: clot-head or cloth-head; an idiot or imbecile.

Dinna fash: Don't worry; don't be troubled or bothered.

Gomeral: fool, idiot.

Greet: to weep or grieve

Ken: to know (kent, kenna)


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