Grannie MacLeod was left by her two grandsons to the care of Claire Fraser on Fraser's Ridge in December 1776.

Personal HistoryEdit

Grannie MacLeod was in the terminal stages of cancer when her grandsons left her in the care of Claire Fraser, who could do nothing for the woman but bide with her until she died.

Events of the NovelsEdit

An Echo in the BoneEdit

She lived in the cabin on Fraser's Ridge in the care of Claire. After she dies, Claire regrets that she didn't even know the woman's Christian name.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Claire describes the effect of Grannie's illness on her appearance vividly: "Her flesh had wasted, her face pinched with pain even while unconscious, and I could see it in the grayness of her skin."[1]


  • MacLeod is a variant of McLeod,[2] from Gaelic Mac Leòid meaning "son of Leod", a given name derived from Old Norse ljótr "ugly".[3]



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