Harley Boble was a thief-taker and a member of the gang that abducted Claire Fraser. Roger MacKenzie killed him during Claire's rescue.

Personal HistoryEdit

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Events of the NovelsEdit

The Fiery CrossEdit

In October 1770 during the Gathering at Mount Helicon, Harley Boble, acting as a thief-taker, attempts to arrest Manfred McGillivray for a supposed involvement in the riot in Hillsborough. He is subdued by the McGillivray sisters and held till Jamie Fraser is called upon to resolve the issue before Ute McGillivray resolves it herself.

A Breath of Snow and AshesEdit

In October 1773, Harley has joined up with a gang. The group attacks Marsali Fraser and kidnaps Claire Fraser. Among the members of the gang are Arvin Hodgepile, erstwhile clerk at the Crown's warehouse in Cross Creek; Lionel Brown, who tries to kill Claire to prevent her reporting his involvement to Jamie; Tebbe, a mulatto who fears supernatural retribution from Claire; and a man named Donner, who reveals that he is originally from the year 1968. Hodgepile ties Claire to a tree trunk on the second night, and four men confront her: first, one of the teenaged boys fondles her breast and ejaculates on her; Boble hits and kicks her, causing severe damage to her face and body; Donner, who begs answers from Claire about her own experience with time traveling; and a nameless man who rapes her.

At dawn on the third day of Claire's captivity, Jamie, Ian, Roger, Fergus, Arch Bug, Tom Christie, and Kenny Lindsay arrive and slaughter the entire group except for Lionel Brown, whom they take back to the Ridge for questioning. For years to come, Roger is haunted by the experience of killing Boble.


Described by Claire as a "nasty little man," Boble was violent and vindictive.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A short man with a pudgy face, and otherwise undistinguished.


  • Harley is from a surname which was from a place name meaning "hare clearing" from Old English hara "hare" and leah "clearing".[1]
  • Boble is a surname of unknown origin and meaning. It may be an alternate spelling of another surname but it cannot be confirmed.



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