He couldn’t bring himself to mention his fears even to Hector. Hector loved him, but Hector was twenty, tall and muscular and fearless, with a lieutenant’s commission and dashing stories of battles fought in France.

Hector Dalrymple was Lord John Grey's first lover who was killed at the Battle of Culloden serving in Harold Grey's 46th Regiment of Foot as a Lieutenant .

Personal HistoryEdit

Hector was a Lieutenant in Hal's regiment and 20 years old when he met John. Grey's attempts to capture Jamie Fraser prior to the Battle of Prestonpans were done in part to impress Hector, who in turn was one of the few people who didn't mock him for his own capture. Hector died during the Battle of Culloden.

Outlander SeriesEdit


Following the Battle of Culloden Hector was found dead, hacked to pieces by a Highland broadsword. In an attempt to make sure that John could accept and move on from his death, Hal made him look at Hector's body. Consequently, John felt haunted by his death for some years afterwards.

Lord John SeriesEdit

Lord John and the Private MatterEdit

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John described him as fearless and always smiling.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hector had dark hair and blue eyes. John described him as tall and muscular.



  • Hector is a Latinized form of Greek ‘Εκτωρ (Hektor), which was derived from ‘εκτωρ (hektor) "holding fast", ultimately from εχω (echo) meaning "to hold, to possess".[2]
  • Dalrymple is a habitational name for someone who lived in Ayrshire and comes fromt he Gaelic dail chruim puill, meaning "field of the crooked stream". And alternate translation could be from the Celtic language for "the dale of the crooked water", from the situation of its village on a bend of the river Doon.[3]


  • It is Hector's sapphire ring that John gives Jamie in July 1776 when Jamie was trying to get gemstones so that Brianna and her family could travel though the stones.


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