Horrocks was a redcoat deserter who had information about who really committed the murder that Jamie Fraser was accused of after his escape from Fort William in 1740. He agrees to meet with Jamie in summer of 1743.

Personal HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Horrocks other than he was a deserter from the British Army.

Events in the NovelsEdit


Jamie orders Claire to stay with her horse in a secluded glen while Jamie goes to meet Horrocks, taking this precaution to keep her safe should the encounter turn dangerous. In the novel, Horrocks is only mentioned, and does not appear in person. Jamie later tells Claire that Horrocks did reveal who really murdered the guard at Fort William – but it was Black Jack Randall, and thus it is useless information as far as clearing Jamie's name.


  • Horrocks is a habitational name from Great or Little Horrocks in Greater Manchester, so named from the plural of the dialect term hurrock "heaped-up pile of loose stones or rubbish" (of uncertain origin).[1]


TV SeriesEdit

Main article: Outlander (TV series)

Irish actor Lochlann O'Mearáin portrays Horrocks in the STARZ Outlander television series.

In the television adaptation of Outlander, the meeting with Horrocks is shown through Jamie's point of view, and the role is expanded significantly. After Horrocks reveals that Captain Randall was the one who committed the murder of which Jamie is accused, Jamie pays him off and they part ways. Later, Jamie encounters Horrocks again at Lallybroch, where the Watch have taken up temporary residence. Horrocks proposes a plan to the Watch to raid a rent-collecting party, and meanwhile blackmails Jamie into giving him money to insure Horrocks' silence on the matter of the price on Jamie's head.

When Jamie goes to meet Horrocks to give him the money, Horrocks starts to try to extort more money until Ian, Jamie's brother-in-law, drives a sword through Horrocks and kills him.


Season One



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