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I dinna ken very much about myself, Auntie, but I think I wasna born to be a Quaker.
— Young Ian, An Echo in the Bone

Ian Fraser Murray is the youngest son of Ian and Jenny Murray. He is most commonly referred to as Young Ian, to avoid confusion with his father.

In 1767, Ian settles with his uncle Jamie Fraser and his wife Claire at Fraser's Ridge in North Carolina. He quickly befriends local Indians, and is adopted by a Mohawk tribe in February 1770, taking the name "Wolf's Brother" for his friendship with his half-wolf companion, Rollo. Ian takes a Mohawk wife Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa, but returns alone to the Ridge in late 1772. He marries Rachel Hunter in 1778.

Personal HistoryEdit

The events on the day of Young Ian's birth prove a rather inauspicious beginning to an eventful life. His uncle, Jamie, living in a cave at the time, had come down to the house to be with his sister when she went into labor. The elder Ian was not there at the time, having been arrested and taken away to deal with the matter of who rightfully owns Lallybroch. There were redcoats still lingering in the district on the day Ian was born.

While Jamie is with Jenny, holding the newborn Ian, English soldiers enter the house, and Jamie hides in the closet without much thought – still with the infant in his arms. They manage to escape notice by the soldiers, but the closeness of this encounter prompts Jamie to arrange his own arrest into the crown's custody.

As though to live up to this fraught beginning, Ian gives his parents more trouble than his siblings do, possessing a lust for adventure and life beyond the Highlands.

Events of the NovelsEdit


Ian is very much a product of the many and varied influences on his life. His strong Scots self-assurance allows Ian to take the best of those influences and mold himself into a dominant but not arrogant individual. He is a good example of the "bloody man" by his uncle Jamie's definition, knowing his responsibility to take care of others by any means he deems fit. He is loyal and his love is unconditional and fierce. This is seen not only within his relationships with family, like Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Rachel, and of course Rollo, but also his dedication to William Ransom. If his love is unconditional and fierce, his capacity for vengeance is even more so.

During the years between his marriages, Ian often feels adrift, not quite belonging with either his Scottish family, or with the woman and tribe that rejected him. Still, he refers to himself as a Highlander and a Mohawk, and comes to be proud of both identities, but sometimes feels conflicted about which takes precedence, or might guide him best in a given situation.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ian is described as tall and thin, like his father, with dark-brown hair and a homely face. Claire and Brianna both note that Ian's eyes are his one claim to beauty, these being "large and hazel... the colors of autumn, dark wet earth and crackling oak leaves, and the touch of setting sun on dry grass."[7] As part of his adoption in the Mohawk tribe, Ian has tattoos drawn across his face, looping in a double line of tiny dots from the bridge of his nose across his cheekbones, and his hair plucked from the sides of his head, leaving a thick strip of hair that runs over his skull and trails down in a long tail. After he returns, Ian wears his hair long, but the tattoos remain, and his long hours spent outdoors give him his usual dark tan and lean, hard muscularity.



  • Ian is the modern Scottish variant of the name John.[8]
    • John is the English form of Iohannes, the Latin form of the Greek name Ιωαννης (Ioannes), itself derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan) meaning "YAHWEH is gracious".[9]
  • James is the English form of the Late Latin name Iacomus which was derived from Ιακωβος (Iakobos), the New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew name Ya'aqov (Jacob). Thus, the names James and Jacob derive from the same source. Possible meanings of the name Jacob include "holder of the heel", "supplanter", or "may God protect".[10][11]
  • Fitzgibbons (alternatively Fitzgibbon) is derived from the name Gibb, a short form of the Norman personal name Gilbert. This name was originally derived from the name Gislebert, which is comprised of the Germanic elements "gisil," which means "hostage" or "noble youth," and "berht," which means "bright" or "famous." The name features the distinctive Irish patronymic prefix "fitz," which means "son of" in Anglo-French. This is derived from the Old French word "fils," which ultimately comes from the Latin word "filius," both of which mean "son." The Gaelic form of the surname Fitzgibbon is Mac Giobúin.[12]
  • Fraser may be derived from Fredarius, Fresel or Freseau. Another suggestion is that the Frasers were a tribe in Roman Gaul, whose badge was a strawberry plant.[13]
  • Murray is derived from the region in Scotland called Moray meaning "seaboard settlement".[14]


TV SeriesEdit

Main article: Outlander (TV series)

Scottish actor John Bell has been cast to portray Young Ian in Season Three of the Outlander television adaptation.[5]


Season Three

  • TBA

Season Four

  • TBA


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