On June 16, 1778, Ian mourns Jenny and Jamie, as he believes they have died aboard the Euterpe on their way to America. He then tells his fiancée Rachel Hunter how he became a Mohawk and about his marriage to Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa.

On their way to Philadelphia, Ian and Rachel meet William Ransom, and Rachel informs him about their engagement. William is furious, as he has feelings for Rachel, and also hasn't yet reconciled himself to being a bastard son of a Scottish criminal, Jamie Fraser. William and Ian get into a fight, and Ian is arrested by British soldiers for assaulting an officer. Due to Jamie's intervention, William tells the soldiers to set Ian free. Later, Ian and Rachel come to Lord John Grey's house, where Ian is reunited with his mother Jenny.

In June 1778, during the Battle of Monmouth, Ian finds a wounded and unconscious William but is assaulted by two Indians, and shot with an arrow in the arm. He then reaches Jamie and takes a few soldiers to get help for William. He is taken and is brought to a British camp where Lord John Grey is being held prisoner as well. Ian helps Grey establish his identity and is released short time later. While going out of the British camp, he notices one of the Indians who attacked him, and kills him. During the walk to Continental army, Ian loses consciousness. A few days later, William and Rachel find him, fevered. While Rachel does William a favor regarding Jane and Fanny, William takes Ian to Jamie.

In late July/early August 1778, Ian marries Rachel in a double Quaker wedding, with Denzell Hunter marrying Dottie Grey. In September 1778, Ian's beloved dog/wolf Rollo dies, and Rachel gets pregnant.

In late November 1778, the Frasers and the Murrays move to Savannah, where Jamie is to retrieve his printing press. In late Spring 1779, Jamie, Claire, Ian, Rachel, Jenny, Germain and Fanny return to the Fraser's Ridge. Ian and Rachel's first child, an unnamed boy affectionately called Oggy, is born in early June 1779.

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