This article is about the daughter of Marsali Fraser. You may be looking for the daughter of Laoghaire MacKenzie.

Joan Fraser is the second child and eldest daughter of Fergus and Marsali Fraser, and grandchild of Jamie and Claire Fraser.

Personal HistoryEdit

Joan was born to Fergus and Marsali Fraser in the North Carolina backcountry. As an infant, she was baptized at the Gathering at Mount Helicon – clandestinely, for Catholicism was outlawed in the colony.

As she grew older, Joan and her younger sister became known affectionately by their grandfather as the "hell kittens".

Events of the NovelsEdit

The Fiery CrossEdit

Joan is baptized during the Gathering on Mount Helicon in late October 1770.

A Breath of Snow and AshesEdit

In 1774, Joan moves with her parents and siblings from Fraser's Ridge to New Bern.

An Echo in the BoneEdit

In 1777, Fergus and his family move to Philadelphia.

Written in My Own Heart's BloodEdit


Joan is good at spelling, having played with discarded lead type since she was a toddler, and has in interest in learning the meaning of new words.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Joan is described as a "brown wren of a child".[3]


  • Joan is a Medieval English form of Johanne, an Old French form of Iohanna (Joanna),[4] an English and Polish form of Latin Iohanna, which was derived from Greek Ιωαννα (Ioanna), the feminine form of Ioannes (JOHN) [5] the Latin form of the Greek name Ιωαννης (Ioannes), itself derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan) meaning "YAHWEH is gracious".[6]
  • Laoghaire (LEER ee, LAIR ee, L'Heery) may come from the Old Irish name Laegaire, which may mean "calf-herder". Name of two saints and a king of Tara.[7]
  • Claire is the French form of Clara, which itself is the feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus which meant "clear, bright, famous".[8][9]
  • Fraser may be derived from Fredarius, Fresel or Freseau. Another suggestion is that the Frasers were a tribe in Roman Gaul, whose badge was a strawberry plant.[10]



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