"Mama says the Beardsleys follow her around like dogs, but they don’t. They follow her like tame wolves."

"I thought Ian said it wasn’t possible to tame wolves."

"It isn’t," she said tersely.

Josiah and Keziah Beardsley, or Jo and Kezzie, are identical twin brothers who were indentured to Aaron and Fanny Beardsley. They are skilled hunters, and a bit feral, owing to fending for themselves in the backcountry for most of their lives.

Personal HistoryEdit

Jo and Kezzie were orphaned young, around age two or three, during their family's passage from Europe to the colonies. Without any relatives to pay the family's debt for the voyage, the ship's captain sold the twins, to be indentured for thirty years against the debt. A man named Aaron Beardsley bought their indenture and brought them to his homestead as servants. Around age five, Keziah suffered an injury that caused a pronounced deafness.

Events of the NovelsEdit

The Fiery CrossEdit

In late October 1770, at the Gathering at Mount Helicon, Jamie Fraser asks Josiah to become his tenant—Jo is fourteen and therefore would not be called to join the militia, and has excellent hunting skills. Jo accepts Jamie's offer and promises to come to the Ridge in the winter, but first has some business to take care of. Jamie and Claire later learn that Jo has a twin brother, Kezzie, who still lives with Aaron Beardsley, and Jo wants to get him out of there.

When Jo and his twin brother Kezzie arrive at the Ridge, Claire performs tonsillectomies on them—they are her first patients to be given her homemade penicillin.

A Breath of Snow and AshesEdit

In November 1774, Lizzie Wemyss reveals that she is pregnant, and the father of her child is one of the twins, but neither she nor they know which one. After Jamie Fraser handfasts Lizzie to Kezzie, she and the twins secretely go to Roger and ask him to marry Lizzie to Jo. Their son Rodney is born on April 19, 1775.

An Echo in the BoneEdit

In March 1777, Lizzie gives birth to Jo or Kezzie's second child, a girl.

Written in My Own Heart's BloodEdit

Upon Claire's return to the Ridge in spring 1779, she learns that in her absence Lizzie had a son, and is pregnant with the Beardsley's fourth child.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

They are nearly identical—small and lithe, with thick dark hair, distinguished only by Kezzie’s deafness and the round scar on Jo’s thumb. However, after Jamie makes Kezzie handfast to Lizzie, Jo gives the same mark to Kezzie so no one can easily tell who is who.


Lizzie WemyssEdit

When Josiah and Keziah Beardsley first came to the Ridge Lizzie Wemyss took on what most would consider a big sister or motherly role. She cut their hair, made sure they cleaned up, and started to teach them basics like reading and writing. The pair became focused on her though not initially in an romantic way. It was said they are like "her tame wolves"[2] with how they follow her and wish to protect her.

Following her broken engagement to Manfred McGillivray, the pair were ready and willing to hunt him down and kill him. While Lizzie suffered a rather bad attack of malaria while Claire was away they tended to her. As she came out of the attack she woke to find, for the purpose of trying to regulate her temperature, she was naked in bed with Josiah. The two ended up having sex. The relationship continued, the pair finding various times and places to be intimate. Unknown to her it wasn't always Jo that was sleeping with her. Only one time in the barn when she called to Jo as he'd left his hat did she realize - by his lack of response - it was his deaf identical twin Kezzie.

Lizzie could not choose between them, finding them to be like one soul but in two bodies. In November 1774 she had to admit to her pregnancy as she'd begun to show. Her father, Joseph Wemyss, and Jamie were both outraged that she wasn't even sure which of the twins it was and neither were the twins. Claire attempted to console her on this, Lizzie confessing that she'd been with both boys - though initially unaware of that but after she was aware it just seemed natural they'd share her as they share all things.

After drawing straws to determine whom would wed her, Jamie handfasts Lizzie to Kezzie. Jo marks his twin's hand so they cannot be told apart anymore and the trio stole away and had Roger MacKenzie handfast Jo to Lizzie.

The trio welcomed a healthy baby boy, Rodney Beardsley, in April 1775. The child acting something of an olive branch between them and Joseph. Their life style is still frowned upon, but to keep everyone from talking Jamie told the brothers that the pair should not be seen at the same time out and about with Lizzie.

Since their double handfastings and the birth of their first son they have welcomed a daughter in 1777, and another son in 1778. When the Frasers returned to the ridge Lizzie is expecting their fourth child.


  • Josiah means "Yaweh supports" in Hebrew.[3]
  • Keziah is from the Hebrew name קְצִיעָה (Qetzi'ah) meaning "cassia, cinnamon", from the name of the spice tree.[4]
  • Beardsley is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational name from some minor, unrecorded or now "lost" place, believed to have been situated in Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire where the name is most popular.[5]


  • While identical, the twins can be distinguished by Kezzie's pronounced deafness.


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