L'Hôpital des Anges is a fictional charity hospital in Paris, France. Claire Fraser volunteers there while she and Jamie live in Paris in 1744.


The three-story chateau that houses the convent and the hospital is rumored to have been given to Mother Hildegarde from her father as part of her dowry when she entered the church. Located near the Notre Dame de Paris, the hospital is run by Mother Hildegarde and the nuns of the Couvent des Anges.[1]

Events of the NovelsEdit

Dragonfly in AmberEdit

Claire donates her time and medical expertise at the hospital in the spring of 1744, and befriends Mother Hildegarde while there. She ceases working when she begins to experience alarming symptoms related to her pregnancy.


Twenty-odd years after they last met, Claire visits Mother Hildegard at the hospital while she and Jamie search for information about the ship that kidnapped Young Ian. Claire lays a single pink tulip at the grave of her stillborn child, Faith, who is buried in the cemetery outside of the convent.

"The Space Between"Edit

Joan MacKimmie delivers a note from Claire to Mother Hildegard at the convent, when she arrives there to become a nun herself in 1778.




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