Leonard "Lenny" Abernathy is the son of Gail and Joe Abernathy.

Personal HistoryEdit

As a young man, Lenny took to calling himself "Muhammad Ishmael Shabazz III" in the interest of repudiating his "white man's name".

Events of the NovelsEdit


According to Frank Randall, Lenny was accustomed to taking Brianna Randall to "marches and rallies and orgies in low dives."

In 1968, when Claire returns to Boston one final time, Joe shows her one of Lenny's new business cards, bearing his new moniker. Joe expresses wry amusement at his son's attempts to reconnect with his African roots, describing his long natural hairstyle and Africa-inspired tunic.

Drums of AutumnEdit

In 1969, the Abernathys host a watch party for the first moon walk, which Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield attend. Joe professes his incredulity that a bunch of MIT engineering students can't fix the color television, but Lenny points out that they are all mechanical engineers, not electrical.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

In the late 1960s, Lenny sported an Afro hairstyle.


  • Leonard means "brave lion", derived from the Germanic elements levon "lion" and hard "brave, hardy".[1]
  • Abernathy is a Scottish habitational name from Abernethy in southeastern Perthshire. The place name is of Pictish origin, meaning "mouth of the river Nethy".[2]


TV SeriesEdit

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