Chapter Source Reference
1 Reverend George V. Sykes Collected Sermons of the Reverend George V. Sykes
The volume serves as a hiding place for Minnie's letter.
Nicholas Culpeper The English Physician (1652)[1]
Minnie notes the herbal among a scattering of salable but less-valuable books.
Montesquieu Persian Letters (1721)
Minnie recalls having seen James Fraser's name on a bill of sale for the volume.
2 Bible Judges 11:34-40[2]
Hal remembers being in Aberdeen with Esmé, who had read aloud the story of Jephthah and his daughter.
Job 1:21[3]
Hal thinks of his difficulties in reinstating his father's regiment: "What the king giveth, the king also taketh away."
5 Johannes Leusden Philologus Hebraeus (1656)[4]
A volume of interest to Mr. H. R. Wallace (from the Chu Diary).
Joseph Flavius Histoire de la guerre des Juifs contre les Romains
(ca. 75 AD, trans. 1676 by Robert Arnauld d'Andilly)[5]
From the Chu Diary.
William Owtram De Sacrificiis libri duo; quorum altero explicantur omnia Judaeorum, nonnulla Gentium Profanarum Sacrificia (1677)[6]
From the Chu Diary.

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