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Lord John and the Plague of Zombies is a novella by Diana Gabaldon and part of the Lord John Series. It was originally published in Down These Strange Streets, an anthology of urban fantasy stories edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois.

On April 15, 2013, the novella was released (as “A Plague of Zombies”) as a standalone ebook.


In June 1761, Lord John journeys to Jamaica to put a stop to the slave rebellions on the island. Upon his arrival, Lord John learns of the murder of a local planter, one Mr. Abernathy of Rose Hall, and the maroons are the suspected culprit. He also has to deal with the matter of a missing superintendent, snakes mysteriously invading the governor's house, and another grisly murder, possibly involving zombies.


  • Lieutenant-Colonel Lord John Grey
  • Derwent Warren, governor of Jamaica
  • Gideon Dawes, secretary to the governor
  • Captain Cresswell, missing superintendent in charge of the maroons
  • Tom Byrd, Lord John's valet
  • Rodrigo, servant of the governor
  • Major John Fettes, direct subordinate to Lord John
  • Captain Robert Cherry, adjutant to Lord John
  • Philip Twelvetrees, plantation owner and cousin of the late Edward Twelvetrees
  • Nancy Twelvetrees, sister of Philip
  • Mrs. Abernathy, recently widowed owner of Rose Hall
  • Captain Accompong, headman of the maroons
  • Azeel, an escaped slave woman
  • Ishmael, houngan


Lord john and the plague of zombies

First published in this anthology – Down These Strange Streets

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