He's been at home for a week, with the gout. Another week, and I shall put poison in his soup.

Minerva Wattiswade Grey, or "Minnie" to her family and friends, is married to Harold Grey, Duke of Pardloe.

Personal HistoryEdit

She is the daughter of Raphael Wattiswade, a dealer in rare books – and a spymaster. Minnie was working as a spy for her father when she was caught by Hal one night in his study during a party, breaking into his desk. Instead of reporting her to the magistrates, he "had her on the hearth rug" instead. She disappeared the next day, and when he found her six months later, she was pregnant. They married soon after.

Outlander SeriesEdit

"A Fugitive Green"Edit


An Echo in the BoneEdit

In December of 1776, Lord John visits Argus House with the intent of drawing the truth out of Dottie about her sudden desire to marry William, but Minnie informs him that his goddaughter is attending a musicale. She also says that her sick husband's irritability may drive her to poisoning him.

On another occasion, Hal's condition has worsened and Minnie sits with him, worried and sleep-deprived. She leaves when John arrives, to let the brothers talk.

Lord John SeriesEdit

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the BladeEdit

After urging her brother-in-law to come in out of the snow and sitting down to supper, Minnie informs Lord John that she had a visitor named Mrs. Tomlinson – the mistress of Michael Bates, who recently was arrested under suspicion of a sodomite conspiracy.

Around March, Lord John brings Percy Wainwright to Argus House to be tutored in dancing by Minnie.

In the autumn, after John has mostly recovered from his battle wounds, he attends the christening of his new goddaughter, Dorothea Grey. Minnie glares at him after the baby wriggles in John's arms and he nearly loses his grip on her.

The Scottish PrisonerEdit

When Jamie Fraser arrives at Hal Grey's house in London in 1760, he realizes with shock that he met Hal's wife in 1744 as Mina Rennie, the seventeen-year-old daughter of a Parisian bookseller and spymaster. Minnie urges him to stay quiet "for the sake of the [Jacobite] cause they once shared." She then visits Jamie's room at night and asks him to keep Lord John Grey from following any trails leading to Edward Twelvetrees.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

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  • Minerva is possibly derived from Latin mens meaning "intellect", but more likely of Etruscan origin. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and war.[5]
  • Cunnegunda is an alternate spelling of Kunigunde, which was derived from the Germanic elements kuni "clan, family" and gund "war".[6]
  • Wattiswade may trace its origins to the separate names Wattis (based on the Germanic personal name Walter, composed of the elements wald "rule" and heri "army")[7] and Wade (from the Old English word (ge)wæd "to wade").[8]
  • Grey has two possible origins: 1) an Anglo-Saxon, Old English nickname for someone with grey hair or a grey beard, derived from the Old English pre 7th Century word "graeg", grey; 2) from the place called "Graye" in Calvados, Normandy, so called from the Old Gallo-Roman personal name "Gratus" meaning "Welcome" or "Pleasing", with the suffix "acum" meaning settlement or village.[9]



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