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Minerva Grey
Full Name Minerva Wattiswade Grey
Title Duchess of Pardloe
Nationality English
Family Information
Family Members Raphael Wattiswade (father)

Harold "Hal" Grey, Duke of Pardloe, Earl of Melton (husband)
Adam Grey (son)
Benjamin Grey (son)
Henry Grey (son)
Dorothea Jacqueline Benedicta Grey (daughter)
Lord John Grey (brother-in-law)
Benedicta Stanley (mother-in-law)

Minerva Wattiswade Grey, or "Minnie" to her family and friends, is married to Harold Grey, Duke of Pardloe. She is the daughter of Raphael Wattiswade, a dealer in rare books - and a spymaster. Minnie was working as a spy for her father when she was caught by Hal one night in his study during a party, breaking into his desk. Instead of reporting her to the magistrates, he "had her on the hearth rug" instead. She disappeared the next day and it took him six months to find her. They married soon after.

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