Nacognaweto is a village chief of the Tuscarora people from Anna Ooka, and grandson of Nayawenne. He has two sons that are mentioned in the series, and his second wife, Gabrielle, has a daughter, Berthe.

Events of the NovelsEdit

Drums of AutumnEdit

Nacognaweto meets Jamie and Claire just after Jamie has fought off a large bear in the wilderness of North Carolina. He and his sons had been hunting the beast, which had been roused enough to fury that he set upon the Frasers' small camp. The three Indians are wary of Jamie, and the Frasers are wary of their new guests as well, but after Jamie conducts his usual hunting ritual over the carcass, including the gralloch prayer, the Indians are impressed, and recognize a commonality between them. Jamie regales them with the story of how he defeated the bear, and Nacognaweto and his sons leave peacefully during the night, taking a share of the bear's meat with them.[1]

Later, after the Frasers have settled on the Ridge and begun building their first homestead, Nacognaweto brings his wife, his wife's daughter, and his grandmother to welcome their new neighbors, bearing a large bundle of food as a gift.[2]

Tragedy strikes a year later when a measles outbreak claims the lives of many of the Tuscarora and surrounding inhabitants of the mountains. A German settler, Gerhard Mueller, believes the Indians put a hex on his house and blames them for the deaths of his daughter and grandchild and, seeking vengeance, kills Nayawenne, Gabrielle, and Berthe in retribution.[3] Their people decimated by the illness, the Tuscarora that remain in Anna Ooka leave to relocate to Oglanethaka in the north.[4]


Physical AppearanceEdit

Nacognaweto is of perhaps late middle age in Drums of Autumn, with gray streaks through his hair and accompanied by two grown sons.




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