My husband's grandmother says that you have medicine now, but you will have more. When your hair is white like hers, that is when you will find your full power.
— Gabrielle, Drums of Autumn

Nayawenne was a shaman of the Tuscarora people from the village of Anna Ooka, and grandmother of Nacognaweto. She befriended Claire when Nacognaweto brought her, his wife Gabrielle, and Gabrielle's daughter, Berthe, to meet the Frasers on the Ridge.

Events of the NovelsEdit

Drums of AutumnEdit

Nayawenne accompanies her grandson and his family to meet Jamie and Claire Fraser, new white residents in the backcountry, from their village of Anna Ooka. She tells Claire about the uses of some local plants, and predicts that Claire will achieve her "full power" when her hair has turned white. Her parting words are portentous: "Sickness is sent from the gods. It won't be your fault."

A year later, after an outbreak of measles takes the lives of several homesteaders, the patriarch of a German family, Gerhard Mueller, leads a party of men seeking revenge. They come upon Nayawenne, Gabrielle, and Berthe in the woods and kill them, taking their scalps and pinning two of these to the barn door. He takes Nayawenne's scalp and presents it to Claire, along with Nayawenne's charm bag, to protect her, says Mueller, from the sickness.


Nayawenne was inquisitive, wise, and knowledgeable.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Light-boned and thin, stooped with age but spry and bright-eyed.


  • Nayawenne, according to Berthe, means "it may be; it will happen".[1]



  1. Drums of Autumn, chapter 20.

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