Rodney Beardsley is the son of Lizzie Wemyss and either Josiah or Keziah Beardsley.

Personal HistoryEdit

Events of the NovelsEdit

A Breath of Snow and AshesEdit

Rodney is born on April 19, 1775

An Echo in the BoneEdit

Written in My Own Heart's BloodEdit


Physical AppearanceEdit



  • Rodney is from a surname, originally derived from a place name, which meant "Hroda's island" in Old English, where Hroda is a Germanic given name meaning "fame".[2]
  • Joseph is from Ioseph, the Latin form of Greek Ιωσηφ (Ioseph), which was from the Hebrew name יוֹסֵף (Yosef) meaning "he will add".[3]
  • Beardsley is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational name from some minor, unrecorded or now "lost" place, believed to have been situated in Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire where the name is most popular.[4]



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