Rose Hall is a plantation on the island of Jamaica. It was the home of the widow Abernathy


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Events of the NovelsEdit


Jamie and Claire Fraser travel to Rose Hall seeking information about their nephew, Ian, who was kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Scotland. Upon arriving, they discover that the mistress of the plantation, the widowed Mrs. Abernathy, is in fact Geillis Duncan, whom they had thought dead for the past twenty years. Geillis reveals to Claire tidbits of her plans and what she has discovered about travelling through the stones.

Later, when Claire returns looking for Geillis, she finds the Reverend Archibald Campbell in the manor house, and he reveals that Geillis had written to consult him about a prophesy made by the Brahan Seer about the Frasers of Lovat. During this interview, Mr. Willoughby appears and accuses the Reverend of being the Edinburgh Fiend, a serial murderer of women. He also admits that he betrayed Jamie to Sir Percival Turner. When the Reverend moves to attack Claire, Mr. Willoughby strikes the man's head with a fatal blow using one of his medicine balls.

Searching for Jamie and the other men, Claire finds Margaret Campbell on the plantation, acting as Ishmael's conduit for voodoo spirits. During a ceremony demonstrating this phenomenon, Claire and Jamie hear Brianna's voice through Margeret. That same night, the slaves of Rose Hall flee into the mountainous jungle.


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