Sir Fletcher Gordon was the civilian governor of Wentworth Prison when Jamie Fraser was imprisoned there.

Personal HistoryEdit

Little is known about the governor's personal life.

Events of the NovelsEdit


When Mrs. Claire Beauchamp calls on Sir Fletcher, he is more than willing to appease her – if it means she will leave and cease being a nuisance to him. He denies her request to speak to the prisoner James Fraser – an acquaintance of her family's, she says – but does entrust the prisoner's personal effects to her care, asking that she return them to the man's family, which he has declined to provide information about. Before leaving, Mrs. Beauchamp requests that the prisoner be allowed to write a note to his family, which she would be happy to deliver, and arranges that her servant will retrieve the letter next day.

Once the servant is inside waiting for Sir Fletcher to finish luncheon, Mrs. Beauchamp returns to bring a gift that her servant forgot to bring for Sir Fletcher.


He has a bureaucratic low tolerance for special requests, but is not unfeeling. When he declines Claire's request to speak to Jamie, he instead offers her a box of Jamie's personal effects.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sir Fletcher is described at "short and portly" and "slope-shouldered and paunch-bellied".[1] He is bald and has a pink complexion, with bright blue eyes. Claire thinks privately that he looks like nothing so much as a large ham.


  • Fletcher from a surname meaning "maker of arrows" in Middle English, ultimately from Old French flechier.[2]
  • Gordon from a place name meaning "spacious fort" in the ancient Brythonic language.[3]


  • Actor Frazer Hines who portrayed Sir Fletcher was the same actor who portrayed Jamie McCrimmon in the Doctor Who series that inspired Diana Gabaldon to create Jamie Fraser.

TV SeriesEdit

Main article: Outlander (TV series)

English actor Frazer Hines portrayed Sir Fletcher in the episode Wentworth Prison during Season One of the television series.


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