Temeraire is an escaped slave last seen on the island of Jamaica.

Personal HistoryEdit

Temeraire was a Yoruba man taken from a barracoon on the Guinea coast around 1762. Before he ended up in a slave market on Barbados, he was sold by a French planter from Barbuda. While enslaved, he worked as a cane-cutter until he lost his arm.

Outlander SeriesEdit


In spring 1767, Temeraire is seen on display in a slave market, forced to stand naked as the auctioneer touts his strength and virility. The auctioneer goes so far as to massage his penis, in response to a doubter in the crowd, and Claire Fraser, infuriated by this humiliation and unhinged by the whole scene, briefly attacks the auctioneer with her parasol, knowing even as she does so that it won't help the situation, and will probably make things worse. As the crowd riles and several hands restrain Claire, Fergus makes his way toward the altercation with Lawrence, Murphy and Jamie, who helps Claire regain her feet. She asks Jamie to do something, and so he buys Temeraire from the auctioneer, preventing further rioting.

Temeraire accompanies his new, reluctant masters aboard the Artemis, which is boarded by pirates from the Bruja – the ship that kidnapped Young Ian – not too long after setting sail for Jamaica. After dispatching the invaders, the Frasers question an escaped slave called Ishmael about anything he might have seen or heard about a young white boy matching Young Ian's description. Seeing the brand on Ishmael's shoulder, Claire realizes it is the same one used on Temeraire, and she and Jamie conclude that they both came from the Abernathy plantation on Jamaica.

When Ishmael asks Jamie (who had promised to put Ishmael ashore anywhere he liked in exchange for information about Young Ian) to be allowed to leave, he asks to take Temeraire with him instead of gold. Jamie presents Temeraire with his options – he can stay with the Frasers and come to no harm, or go with Ishmael – and though Temeraire is nonplussed at first, after a few words in an unknown language from Ishmael, Temeraire prostrates himself before him, settling the matter.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Temeraire is short but broad and muscular. One of his arms is crudely amputated above the elbow, and he was branded on the left shoulder – a Jacobite rose surmounting the initial "A".


  • Temeraire comes from the French word téméraire, meaning "rash" or "reckless".[1]



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