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Part I: In Medias Res

CHAPTER 1: Happy The Bride The Sun Shines on
CHAPTER 2: Loaves and Fishes
CHAPTER 3: Bilious Humours
CHAPTER 4: Wedding Gifts
CHAPTER 5: Riotous Unrest
CHAPTER 6: For Auld Lang Syne
CHAPTER 7: Shrapnel
CHAPTER 8: The Factor
CHAPTER 9: Germ Of Dissent
CHAPTER 10: Grannie Bacon's Gifts
CHAPTER 11: Pride
CHAPTER 12: Virtue
CHAPTER 13: Beans and Barbecue
CHAPTER 14: Happy the Bride the Moon Shines On
CHAPTER 15: The Flames of Declaration
CHAPTER 16: On The Night That Our Wedding Is On Us
CHAPTER 17: Watch Fire

Part II: The Chieftain's Call

CHAPTER 18: No Place Like Home
CHAPTER 19: The Devil Ye Ken
CHAPTER 20: Shooting Lessons
CHAPTER 21: Twenty-Twenty
CHAPTER 22: The Fiery Cross
CHAPTER 23: The Bard
CHAPTER 24: Playing with Fire
CHAPTER 25: The Angeling of My Rest

Part III: Alarms and Excursions

CHAPTER 26: The Militia Rises
CHAPTER 27: Death Comes Calling
CHAPTER 28: Brownsville
CHAPTER 29: One-Third of a Goat
CHAPTER 30: Spawn of Satan
CHAPTER 31: Orphan of the Storm
CHAPTER 32: Mission Accomplished

Part IV: I Hear No Music But the Sound of Drums

CHAPTER 33: Home for Christmas
CHAPTER 34: Charms
CHAPTER 35: Hogmanay
CHAPTER 36: Worlds Unseen
CHAPTER 37: Mail Call
CHAPTER 38: The Dreamtime

Part V: 'Tis Better to Marry Than Burn

CHAPTER 39: In Cupid's Grove
CHAPTER 40: Duncan's Secret
CHAPTER 41: Music Hath Charms
CHAPTER 42: The Deasil Charm
CHAPTER 43: Flirtations
CHAPTER 44: Private Parts
CHAPTER 45: If It Quacks
CHAPTER 46: Quicksilver
CHAPTER 47: The Lists of Venus
CHAPTER 48: Strangers in the Night
CHAPTER 49: In Vino Veritas
CHAPTER 50: Blood in the Attic
CHAPTER 51: Suspicion
CHAPTER 52: A Hard Day's Night
CHAPTER 53: The Frenchman's Gold
CHAPTER 54: Tête-A-Tête, with Crumbcake
CHAPTER 55: Deductions

Part VI: The War of the Regulation

CHAPTER 56: "... and fight them, saying they had men enough to kill them, we can

kill them"

CHAPTER 57: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
CHAPTER 58: Happy Birthday to You
CHAPTER 59: Military Engines
CHAPTER 60: Council of War
CHAPTER 61: Ultimatums
CHAPTER 62: Stragglers and Suspected Persons
CHAPTER 63: The Surgeons Book I
CHAPTER 64: Signal for Action
CHAPTER 65: Alamance
CHAPTER 66: A Necessary Sacrifice
CHAPTER 67: Aftermath
CHAPTER 68: Execution of Orders
CHAPTER 69: Hideous Emergency
CHAPTER 70: All Is Well
CHAPTER 71: A Feeble Spark
CHAPTER 72: Tinder and Char

Part VII: Alarms of Struggle and Flight

CHAPTER 73: A Whiter Shade of Pale
CHAPTER 74: The Sounds of Silence
CHAPTER 75: Speak My Name
CHAPTER 76: Blood Money
CHAPTER 77: A Package from London
CHAPTER 78: No Small Thing
CHAPTER 79: Lonesome Me
CHAPTER 80: Creamed Crud
CHAPTER 81: Bear-Killer
CHAPTER 82: A Darkening Sky
CHAPTER 83: Wildfire
CHAPTER 84: Burnt to Bones
CHAPTER 85: Hearthfire
CHAPTER 86: There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
CHAPTER 87: En Garde
CHAPTER 88: Roger Buys a Sword

Part VIII: A-Hunting We Will Go

CHAPTER 89: The Moons of Jupiter
CHAPTER 90: Danger in the Grass
CHAPTER 91: Domestic Management
CHAPTER 92: I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends
CHAPTER 93: Choices
CHAPTER 94: New Blood
CHAPTER 95: The Summer Dim

Part IX: A Dangerous Business

CHAPTER 96: Aurum
CHAPTER 97: Conditions of the Blood
CHAPTER 98: Clever Lad
CHAPTER 99: Brother
CHAPTER 100: Dead Whale
CHAPTER 101: Monsters and Heroes
CHAPTER 102: The Battle of Wylie's Landing
CHAPTER 103: Among the Myrtles
CHAPTER 104: Sly as Foxes
CHAPTER 105: A Thrush's Dream
CHAPTER 106: The Surgeon's Book II
CHAPTER 107: Zugunruhe
CHAPTER 108: Tulach Ard
CHAPTER 109: The Voice of Time
CHAPTER 110: Man of Blood
CHAPTER 111: And Yet Go Out To Meet It