• Is there anyone who read the books and could provide some infos? Plsss

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    • Well what kind of info are you looking for? You are on a wiki full of info about all 8 books from the outlander series, the lord john series, and the novellas.

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    • What book info are you looking for though? There's 8 Outlander Series books, 8 Lord John Series books and novellas, and then 3 Outlander Novellas currently in print not to mention the 2 Companion books. So it's a lot of possible information to cover to just use the vague 'book info' phrase. Is there something specific you are trying to get information on? A specific book or character?

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    • I have read the first five books and am currently reading book six.

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    • I enjoyed reading book six A Breath of Snow and Ashes but sad to find that Bree and Roger have to leave because Mandy has a heart condition that only the 20th century can repair. It is horrible that the big house was burned down and Claire and Jamie lost everything they owned. The upside is they now have the means to build a new house and replace what they lost.

      I am now reading book seven An Echo in the Bone and find it very interesting. It seems that Claire may get to replace her medical supplies and equipment that was lost from the fire. I enjoyed the stack of letters that Claire and Jamie write to Bree and Roger and how they were all in a box sent to their son Jem. I like how the story moves from Claire and Jamie to Bree and Roger and the special assignments of William and Lord John along with the Grey family relationships. As I teach my students about the Revolutionary War, I like how Diana takes the research and plants it into the story of political intigue, war and how the people involued felt about it. I am about 259 pages into the book and should have it read in the next week or so.

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    • I have finished An echo in the bone and almost finished with Written in my own hearts blood. look forward  to when the next two books are finished. I am glad that the series is being adapted to the books and can see a good series going on with the books. I would love to be one of the writers for the series.

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    • I just finished reading Written in My Own Heart's Blood. There are several stories in this book. First the main story of Claire and Jamie reunited again. Second the continuing story of the Revolutionary War and everyone envolved. Third the story of how Claire was shot in the line of duty serving as an surgeon with the Continential Army. The small under stories of how Claire took care of the Grey family and still come out as friends protecting Willaim and his parentage as well as Jamie and his family. Claire had hoped that Mavia Christie would have been her medical assistant but Fanny may be the one to carry on the medical knowledge. I hope that the Greys will visit the Ridge after all this war between England and America gets squared away. I look forward to the next two books on the series.

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    • Having read all of the books, I research the medical treatments and the tools used for the medical treatments.I also like to research what the houses looked like in the locations given in the books.The historical daily life and the events of war torn places of the battles fought during the beginnings of the Revolutionary war. I enjoyed that Diana did some great research about Colonial life in America during the Revolutionary War.

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