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Through a Glass, Darkly is the first episode of Season Two and seventeenth episode overall of the Outlander television series.


Returning to her own time, Claire must reconcile her future with the life she left behind. Shifting back to 18th century, Jamie, Claire and Murtagh arrive in France, but learn that Paris presents its own challenges.


Claire ‘wakes’ Craigh na Dun in anguish over everything she’s left behind, as she has returned to her own time. Following a meeting with a motorist Claire comes face to face with her estranged husband Frank Randall in a hospital. Despite trying to make him leave her Frank refuses, even after she tells him the whole story of where she’d been, about loving and marrying Jamie, and more importantly about being pregnant with Jamie’s child. To escape the tabloids Frank tries to get as far from Scotland and Claire’s memories of this ‘Jamie’ taking her to Boston. As Claire steps off the airplane to start her new life in Boston her mind takes her back to the day she arrived at Le Havre with Jamie.

Claire and Jamie having chosen their path to try and alter the future, find their way into Prince Charles Stuart’s favor via Jamie’s wealthy wine merchant cousin Jared Fraser. Jared offers to help them by giving them run of his home and business while he is away. They run a foul of the Comte St. Germain, Jared’s business rival, when Claire insists that his ship be burnt following an outbreak of smallpox among the crew. An act that St. Germain declares he will pay the Fraser’s back for.


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  • The episode title comes from 1 Corinthians 13:12: For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.[1][2]
  • The original airing of the episode displayed the caption "Le Havre, France 1745" for the scene when Claire and Jamie arrive in France. The date was incorrect; in the show's timeline, they arrive in France in April/May 1744.[3][4]
  • Part I of Dragonfly in Amber is called "Through a Looking Glass, Darkly."
  • The dog seen outside Claire’s hospital window is Cuilean, Ronald D. Moore and Terry Dresbach’s dog in real life.[5]
  • Le Comte St. Germain's crest was created by the art department and it can be seen hanging above the Comte's wine warehouse and stamped on his wine barrels.[5]
  • St. Germain's Theme; While looking for an authentic sound, Outlander composer Bear McCreary discovered the historical figure Comte de St. Germain, which the character is based upon. Among his many skills, the real St. Germain was also a composer and wrote music. McCreary had a music historian pull some of the real St. Germain's music and ended up using one of his pieces for St. Germain's theme in the show.[5]






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