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    As you can see, the wiki's main page has a new layout. I designed it with old newspapers in mind ("A. Malcolm, Printer" anyone??) so that's why the main section is divided into two columns. What do you think? I've been fiddling with it for months, and decided to just bite the bullet and give 'er a test run!

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    Starz Chief Executive Officer Chris Albrecht announced today the network has ordered two more seasons of Outlander, the critically-acclaimed original series executive produced by Ronald D. Moore and adapted from Diana Gabaldon's international bestselling books. Once again partnering with Sony Pictures Television, this is the first multi-book pickup for Outlander, assuring the series will run for several more years. The highly-anticipated second installment of the series premiered on STARZ in April 2016.

    Season Three will be based on the third of the eight books in the Outlander series, entitled Voyager, followed by Season Four based on the fourth book in the series, Drums of Autumn.

    This is exciting news! Though there is no confirmation yet as t…

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    Outlander FAQ

    September 14, 2014 by La Dame Blanche

    I've decided to make my first blog post on this wiki, and what better content than the questions I see asked most frequently? I hope you find the following useful!

    Note: This is mostly for those watching the series and haven't read the books, or those reading the first book for the first time. I'm not answering spoiler-y questions here, just clarifying a few points that are confusing.

    How old is Jamie? How old is Claire? What is their age difference?

    In the first book, Jamie has just turned 22, while Claire is 26 ½, when she meets Jamie. In the show, Jamie is 22 ½ and Claire has just turned 27. So, Claire is about 4 ½ years older.

    When is Jamie's birthday? When is Claire's birthday?

    Jamie was born May 1, 1721. Claire was born October 20, 1918.


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