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  • Perfectjourney730


    September 30, 2016 by Perfectjourney730

    I'm certain I'm not the only one that's super eager waiting for Season Three. I mean with the announcements of David Berry as Lord John Grey, Wil Johnson as Joe Abernathy, John Bell as Young Ian and yesterday's announcement of César Domboy as Adult Fergus just makes this #droughtlander killing me. I love how casting for the series is always so on point. Sure there's little things that are a bit different, like John has lighter hair than Young Ian, but otherwise he looks a lot like I imagined especially in those eyes. Wil is just on point for Joe. David is just... good god drool is about all I can say for our all grown up Lord John. And César, lord yes he is soo Fergus and I could see enough similarities between him and Romann Berrux espec…

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  • Perfectjourney730

    Alright so I am hoping that by now most have watched the Season Two finale episode Dragonfly in Amber.

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  • Perfectjourney730

    Not Ready

    June 25, 2016 by Perfectjourney730

    So I'm sitting at the Starz Play app home screen looking at the option to watch The Hail Mary episode due to air tonight at 9pm EST live. I won't watch it yet, because my child is awake and I at least agree some of the content in Outlander isn't really intended for a 5 year old. But what pains me as I look at the episode is the knowledge that next week there will not be an episode and that the following Saturday (July 9th) will be Dragonfly in Amber (Episode) which will be the season finale. As excited as I am to see Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton as Roger and Brianna I'm equally sad that this will be the last of the season and I'll be returning to #Droughtlander till they announce an air date for Season Three.

    I suppose I'll have to spe…

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  • Perfectjourney730

    My husband currently feels I have an 'unhealthy' addition to the Outlander franchise. I say it's a healthy one as my addition is only to buying books. It could be far worse. This topic of course only came up as I mentioned wanting to start buying the books containing the Lord John Series as well as the other novellas ("Virgins", "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows", and "The Space Between").

    Personally I don't see wanting to own the books as a bad thing. I just like the series and enjoy reading them. And, generally speaking, one of the books will cost me a fraction of what he spends on 1 video game. And just as video games are his entertainment and offers him a world to get lost in, the same is true for books.

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