So I'm sitting at the Starz Play app home screen looking at the option to watch The Hail Mary episode due to air tonight at 9pm EST live. I won't watch it yet, because my child is awake and I at least agree some of the content in Outlander isn't really intended for a 5 year old. But what pains me as I look at the episode is the knowledge that next week there will not be an episode and that the following Saturday (July 9th) will be Dragonfly in Amber (Episode) which will be the season finale. As excited as I am to see Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton as Roger and Brianna I'm equally sad that this will be the last of the season and I'll be returning to #Droughtlander till they announce an air date for Season Three.

I suppose I'll have to spend the time between seasons hunting down the rest of the novellas to read.

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