Alright so I am hoping that by now most have watched the Season Two finale episode Dragonfly in Amber.

However, the following blog contains plot spoilers – read at your own risk.

So I loved the episode, I really did. But there at the end as Jamie and Clarie are at Craigh na Dun and she's supposed to go through the stones. Well they skipped what I consider a major piece. Instead of having them mark each other with their initials, something that plays into all the books following, they have Claire give him the dragonfly in amber that Hugh Munro gave them for a wedding gift. I was not happy int hat moment. I actually yelled at my tv and my husband looked at me like I was crazy. Which maybe I am. Or maybe I'm not. Even Diana Gabaldon herself felt they were omitting something important.

I get their reasoning it was about wardrobe and yadda yadda. But as herself said "there’s a massive emotional distance between, ‘I love you so passionately that I want you to shed my blood and scar me forever so I can remember your touch,’ and ‘Here, darling, take the ugliest wedding present ever to remember me by for the forty-five minutes before you die.’".Diana's Blog The gift Hugh gave them was nice and all but it really lacks the emotional depth that them scaring each other has.

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