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  • Ronni3576

    I have enjoyed this season of the Outlander series. I have watched each episode at least three or more times while waiting for the next episode. The acting is great. I have been responding on the Outlander series Facebook page as much as I can about some of the discussions with each episode. I look forward to each new episode as they are presented.

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  • Ronni3576

    Outlander books

    August 3, 2017 by Ronni3576

    I have read the books twice and reading them a third time around but taking my time about it. I found the series Turn: Washington's spies on Netflix and watched the first three seasons twice and currently watching season four. The series is very good for historical background as the Outlander books reach the timeline of the American Revolutionary War as Jamie moves toward that point and Claire is the doctor for his company. Also this summer, I have been researching what colonial life was like for Claire and Jamie as well as the growing family they have. Outlandish Observations has provided some great visuals under the Friday fun facts.

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