Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa ("Works With Her Hands") is a woman of the Turtle clan of the Mohawk people, and granddaughter of Tewaktenyonh. She has lived in the village of Snaketown, and later in a settlement in New York. Ian nicknamed her Emily.

Events of the NovelsEdit

Drums of AutumnEdit

Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa meets Ian Fraser Murray, who was on a rescue mission with his uncle and aunt, at Snaketown in 1770. They are immediately attracted to one another, and though Ian shows a facility for the Mohawk tongue, he nicknames her "Emily". After a tribe member is accidentally killed, Ian volunteers to take the man's place, in order that his uncle, aunt, and Roger MacKenzie may escape unharmed.

Months later, Ian writes to his uncle that he and Emily are expecting a child, having been married in the Mohawk custom.

A Breath of Snow and AshesEdit

Ian Murray tells his cousins – first Marsali Fraser and later Brianna MacKenzie – about how Emily had suffered several miscarriages, and that the tragedy had irrevocably damaged their relationship.

An Echo in the BoneEdit

Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa sees Ian Murray again when he visits her in 1777, at her new home in Unadilla. Her husband, Sun Elk, had moved there to join Thayendanegea, and had brought his wife and family along. She presents her children to Ian: a boy of about five, a girl of about three, and an infant daughter. She asks Ian if he would name her newest daughter, a great honor, but Ian refuses, saying he will instead name her son Swiftest of Lizards.


Physical AppearanceEdit




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