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Part I: Nexus

CHAPTER 1: A Hundredweight of Stones
CHAPTER 2: Dirty Bastard
CHAPTER 3: In Which the Women, as Usual, Pick Up the Pieces
CHAPTER 4: Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want to Hear the Answers To
CHAPTER 5: The Passions of Young Men
CHAPTER 6: Under My Protection
CHAPTER 7: The Unintended Consequences of Ill-Considered Actions
CHAPTER 8: Homo est obligamus aerobe (“Man is an Obligate Aerobe” --Hippocrates)
CHAPTER 9: A Tide in the Affairs of Men
CHAPTER 10: The Descent of the Holy Ghost Upon a Reluctant Disciple
CHAPTER 11: Remember Paioli!
CHAPTER 12: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
CHAPTER 13: Morning Air Awash with Angels
CHAPTER 14: Incipient Thunder
CHAPTER 15: An Army on the Move
CHAPTER 16: Room for Secrets
CHAPTER 17: Freedom!
CHAPTER 18: Nameless, Homeless, Destitute and Very Drunk Indeed
CHAPTER 19: Desperate Measures
CHAPTER 20: Of Cabbages and Kings
CHAPTER 21: Bloody Men
CHAPTER 22: The Gathering Storm
CHAPTER 23: In Which Mrs. Figg Takes a Hand
CHAPTER 24: Welcome Coolness in the Heat, Comfort in the Midst of Woe
CHAPTER 25: Give me Liberty. . .

Part II: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch. . .

CHAPTER 26: A Step Into the Dark
CHAPTER 27: Nothing’s So Hard But Search Will Find it Out
CHAPTER 28: Warmer, Colder
CHAPTER 29: Return to Lallybroch
CHAPTER 30: Lights, Action, Sirens
CHAPTER 31: The Shine of a Rocking Horse’s Eyes
CHAPTER 32: “For many men who stumble at the threshold are well foretold that danger lurks within”
CHAPTER 33: It’s Best to Sleep in a Hale Skin
CHAPTER 34: Sanctuary
CHAPTER 35: An Gearasdan
CHAPTER 36: The Scent of a Stranger
CHAPTER 37: Cognosco te
CHAPTER 38: The Number of the Beast
CHAPTER 39: The Ghost of a Hangit Man
CHAPTER 40: Angels Unaware
CHAPTER 41: In Which Things Converge
CHAPTER 42: All My Love
CHAPTER 43: Apparition
CHAPTER 44: Amphisbaena
CHAPTER 45: The Cure of Souls
CHAPTER 46: Baby Jesus, Tell Me. . .

Part III: A Blade Fresh-Made from the Ashes of the Forge

CHAPTER 47: Something Suitable in Which to Go to War
CHAPTER 48: Just for the Fun of It
CHAPTER 49: Uncertainty Principle
CHAPTER 50: The Good Shepherd
CHAPTER 51: Scrounging
CHAPTER 52: Morphia Dreams
CHAPTER 53: Taken at a Disadvantage
CHAPTER 54: In Which I Meet a Turnip
CHAPTER 55: Vestal Virgins
CHAPTER 56: Stinking Papist
CHAPTER 57: Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
CHAPTER 58: Castrametation
CHAPTER 59: A Discovery in the Ranks
CHAPTER 60: Quakers and Quartermasters
CHAPTER 61: A Viscous Three-Way
CHAPTER 62: The Mule Dislikes You
CHAPTER 63: An Alternate Use for a Penis Syringe
CHAPTER 64: Three Hundred and One
CHAPTER 65: Mosquitoes
CHAPTER 66: War Paint
CHAPTER 67: Reaching for Things that Aren’t There

Part IV: Day of Battle

CHAPTER 68: Go Out in Darkness
CHAPTER 69: Sparrow-Fart
CHAPTER 70: A Single Louse
CHAPTER 71: Folie à Trois
CHAPTER 72: Morasses and Imbroglios
CHAPTER 73: Peculiar Behavior of a Tent
CHAPTER 74: The Sort of Thing That Will Make a Man Sweat and Tremble
CHAPTER 75: The Cider Orchard
CHAPTER 76: The Dangers of Surrender
CHAPTER 77: The Price of Burnt Sienna
CHAPTER 78: In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
CHAPTER 79: High Noon
CHAPTER 80: Pater Noster
CHAPTER 81: Among the Tombstones

Part V: Counting Noses

CHAPTER 82: Even People Who Want to Go to Heaven Don’t Want to Die to Get There
CHAPTER 83: Sundown
CHAPTER 84: Nightfall
CHAPTER 85: Long Road Home
CHAPTER 86: In Which Rosy-Fingered Dawn Shows Up Mob-Handed
CHAPTER 87: Moonrise
CHAPTER 88: A Whiff of Roquefort
CHAPTER 89: One Day, Cock of the Walk—Next Day, A Feather Duster
CHAPTER 90: It’s a Wise Child Who Knows His Father
CHAPTER 91: Keeping Score
CHAPTER 92: I Will Not Have Thee Be Alone
CHAPTER 93: The House on Chestnut Street
CHAPTER 94: The Sense of the Meeting
❦ A Coda in Three-Two Time

Part VI: The Ties That Bind

CHAPTER 95: The Body Electric
CHAPTER 96: Nay Great Shortage of Hair in Scotland
CHAPTER 97: A Man to Do a Man’s Job
CHAPTER 98: The Wall
CHAPTER 99: Radar
CHAPTER 100: Be Those Thy Beasts?
CHAPTER 101: Just One Chance
CHAPTER 102: Postpartum
CHAPTER 103: Solstice
CHAPTER 104: The Succubus of Cranesmuir
CHAPTER 105: No a Very Good Person
CHAPTER 106: A Brother of the Lodge
CHAPTER 107: The Burying Ground
CHAPTER 108: Reality is That Which, When You Stop Believing in It, Doesn't Go Away.
CHAPTER 109: Frottage
CHAPTER 110: The Sounds That Make Up Silence

Part VII: Before I Go Hence

CHAPTER 111: A Distant Massacre
CHAPTER 112: Daylight Haunting
CHAPTER 113: Thanks for All the Fish
CHAPTER 114: Belief is a Wise Wager
CHAPTER 115: The Raveled Sleeve of Care
CHAPTER 116: A-Hunting We Will Go
CHAPTER 117: Into the Briar Patch
CHAPTER 118: The Second Law of Thermodynamics
CHAPTER 119: “Alas, poor Yorick!”
CHAPTER 120: A Crackling of Thorns
CHAPTER 121: Walking on Coals
CHAPTER 122: Hallowed Ground

Part VIII: Search and Rescue

CHAPTER 123: Quod scripsi, scripsi
CHAPTER 124: Brought to You By the Letters Q, E, and D
CHAPTER 125: Squid of the Evening, Beautiful Squid
CHAPTER 126: The Oglethorpe Plan
CHAPTER 127: Plumbing
CHAPTER 128: Gigging Frogs
CHAPTER 129: Invasion
CHAPTER 130: A Sovereign Cure
CHAPTER 131: A Born Gambler
CHAPTER 132: Will-o'-the-Wisp
CHAPTER 133: Last Resort
CHAPTER 134: Last Rites
CHAPTER 135: Amaranthus
CHAPTER 136: Unfinished Business

Part IX: “Thig crioch air an t- saoghal ach mairidh ceol agus gaol.”[1]

CHAPTER 137: In the Wilderness a Lodging Place
CHAPTER 138: Fanny's Frenulum
CHAPTER 139: A Visit to the Trading Post
CHAPTER 140: Woman, Wilt Thou Lie With Me?
CHAPTER 141: The Deepest Feeling Always Shows Itself in Silence
CHAPTER 142: Things Coming into View
CHAPTER 143: Interruptus
CHAPTER 144: Visit to a Haunted Garden
CHAPTER 145: And You Know That

  1. (“The world may come to an end, but love and music will endure”)